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Leaving Arizona: A Family of Illegal Immigrants Flee’s Arizona’s Immigration Law

Leaving Arizona: A Family of Illegal Immigrants Flee's Arizona's Immigration Law

Over the summer I worked with reporter Dan Gonzalez on a photo story following two families of illegal immigrants living in the West Valley as they moved to Pennsylvania because of Arizona’s new immigration law SB1070. I concentrated on the Sanchez family. Luis, the dad, and his wife Marlen both came to the U.S. illegally. […]

U.S./ Mexico Border

U.S./ Mexico Border

US Mexico Border – Images by Pat Shannahan The U.S./Mexico border stretches for over 350 miles through Arizona. This collection of photos is from an ongoing story I am working on documenting the struggles along the border.

Covering Arizona’s New Immigration Law SB1070

Covering Arizona's New Immigration Law SB1070

SB1070 Arizona’s New Immigration Law – Images by Pat Shannahan The summer of 2010 will certainly be remembered in Arizona as the summer of SB1070, also known as Arizona’s new controversial immigration law. The nations eyes turned on Arizona as both sides of the immigration debate held protests and counter protests. It was an interesting […]