Video: The Hardest Decision

Sophia beat two types of cancer before getting leukemia. After an unsuccessful bone marrow transplant her parents faced the hardest decision two parents can make: stopping treatment.

This is without a doubt the saddest story I have ever told. A reporter and I started following Sophia and her family weeks before she went into hospice care. Sophia died in the early morning on March 19th, 10 hours after I last photographed her sleeping in her parents bed at the Ryan House, a hospice for children in Phoenix, Arizona.

I was introduced to Sophia’s parents through a friend of a friend, Matt Mills McNight, who is photojournalist. He grew up with Nick and was planning on documenting the last month of her life but couldn’t make it to Phoenix in time. The Farinella family was incredibly gracious and welcoming throughout this whole experience.

John Faherty wrote a very touching story that goes in to a lot more detail that ran today in The Arizona Republic.