Video:Up and Away

Sam Kelly is a shy boy. The autistic teen usually won’t talk to someone unfamiliar to him. His care taker noticed he liked hot air balloons and decided to take him out to see some launch. Over the next five years Hot Air Expeditions befriended the boy.When he first started coming out he was too nervous to get out of the car, but with patience he now helps the crew set the balloon up for take off. Last Saturday, Sam got to ride in a balloon for the first time with his family. I was lucky enough to tag along. His caretaker called the paper because she was so thankful for the difference the hot air balloon crews made in his life. Some of my favorite stories are the ones about people helping other people.

I shot this video with my wife, who is a reporter at The Republic. She never shot video until working on this project. I used DSLR cameras and she used a Sony EX1. The final shot on the story where the birds fly by the balloon is hers. I think she did a nice job.