Favorite Photos of 2010

2010 Photos of the Year – Images by Pat Shannahan
It was an interesting year to be a photographer in Arizona. This is a collection of my favorite photos I made during 2010. When I look back on the year, I can’t help but think it was the year of SB1070, Arizona’s tough immigration law. I can’t remember a time when I have seen more emotion on display, by both sides of the immigration issue. During the summer I did a documentary following a family of illegal immigrants as they moved from Arizona to the East coast to flee the new law. During the fall I went to Mexico to photograph people in the desert crossing the border illegally. I spent some time following an American woman married to an illegal immigrant who watched as her husband was arrested. In the late summer I photographed a large Tea Party rally next to the border. Our photo staff put together a multimedia project with six audio slideshows about the border and immigration issues in Arizona.

2010 was also the year when I started shooting video with DSLR cameras. I really think that high def video coming to digital SLR cameras is as big a deal as color film being released. Over the past 12 months I’ve had around 5 packages air on KPNX. In the past few weeks, as KPNX has moved into The Republic’s building we have started to see the potential these cameras really offer. It makes me optimistic about 2011.

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